Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz


Add a rose quartz crystal to your Aksara Designs jewelry when you just need a little more love.

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A whole lot of love with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Crystal properties are that of unconditional love, enhancing potential for kindness, compassion, and everything good in this world. It’s healing properties guide you to deepen relationships and embrace kindness, compassion, tenderness, and love towards yourself and those around you.

When it comes to setting and manifesting intentions, rose quartz is a powerful crystal for anyone seeking to bring more love into their life, while enhancing love within relationships is one of the most well-known uses, rose quartz also holds a powerful space for self-love and it teaches you to love yourself first and foremost.

Our rose quartz charm enables you to keep a constant flow of the stone’s energy within your own energy field, embracing self-love and high vibrations of love and support at all times.

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